Users TutorialΒΆ

This tutorial is addressed to basic users and will teach the user how to use the portal.

You will learn how to:

  1. Manage the user account and how to modify it.
  2. Use the searching tools.
  3. Manage Data and Maps, update the styles and publish them.
  4. Load datasets into the portal.
Managing Account
This section will guide you through the account registration, updating your account information, and viewing other users accounts.
Managing Layers
A layer is a slice or stratum of the geographic reality. Layers are a published resource representing a raster or vector spatial data source. Layers also can be associated with metadata, ratings, and comments. This section will introduce you how to upload, download, change the style or share a layer.
Managing Maps
Combining and overlaying several layers will allow creating maps. This section will show you a detailed demonstration how to create and share your own maps.